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exhaustive / исчерпывающий, истощающий
имя прилагательное
exhaustive, comprehensive
exhaustive, consumptive
имя прилагательное
examining, including, or considering all elements or aspects; fully comprehensive.
she has undergone exhaustive tests since becoming ill
There are plenty of books that offer an exhaustive account of those issues, and I took them to be the context for my story.
Even after going through this exhaustive process there is no guarantee that you will have chosen the right manager.
After exhaustive testing they found that a long track in the circuit board had functioned as the antenna.
This was not an exhaustive survey but the experiences of our stranded motorists varied substantially.
What would constitute a special circumstance defied definition or exhaustive categorisation.
Police were led to the stash following an exhaustive investigation, codenamed Operation Elect.
After an exhaustive investigation, we received a full copy of the report, which was sent to us and translated for us.
Her body has never been found despite exhaustive searches by police.
In terms of generic iconography, Alphaville is truly exhaustive in its attention to detail.
These are only a few examples which are neither comprehensive nor exhaustive .