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exhausted / измученный, истощенный, обессиленный
имя прилагательное
exhausted, haggard, jaded, jacked up, pinched, whacked
depleted, exhausted, emaciated, knackered, impoverished, spent
exhausted, prostrate, bleeding
имя прилагательное
drained of one's physical or mental resources; very tired.
I was cold and exhausted
(of resources or reserves) completely used up.
Karl spat, his patience suddenly exhausted
drain (someone) of their physical or mental resources; tire out.
her day trip had exhausted her
use up (resources or reserves) completely.
the country has exhausted its treasury reserves
expel (gas or steam) from or into a particular place.
Cars were as old fashioned as buggies and hovering crafts that ran off of air and exhausted pure steam were used instead.
In the eighth round Ali was able to knock down his exhausted opponent, who failed to get up to make the count.
The Nazis' military reserves may be exhausted, their propaganda reserves are far from exhausted .
Forest fires flared up again in Portugal just hours after 27 infernos were declared extinguished by more than 3,600 exhausted firefighters.
Here the survival of young children and exhausted parents often cannot wait for the ANC government's policy of long-term delivery of growth and employment.
Eventually the exhausted , undernourished dog found the cage and waited.
Reserve replacement may sound a bit arcane, but it's a basic measurement of how well an oil company is safeguarding its future by finding new oilfields to replace its exhausted ones.
I went to bed at about 1.00 am, exhausted and craving sleep.
He stressed it was vital to avoid repeating the Canadian experience when years of overfishing exhausted cod stocks in the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.
In excised roots, the endogenous sugars were rapidly exhausted and significant degradation of protein was observed.
Two years ago, he could barely swim 12 lengths of his local swimming pool and would drag himself totally exhausted from the water.