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exhale / выдыхать, выделять, испаряться
exhale, breathe, expire
emit, distinguish, give out, secrete, set off, exhale
evaporate, vaporize, volatilize, vapor, dissolve, exhale
давать выход
vent, wreak, exhale, uncork
производить выдох
breathe out in a deliberate manner.
she sat back and exhaled deeply
I think it might be one of those weekends where I keep myself to myself, inhale deeply and exhale loudly, and stare at the ceiling.
I exhale , breathing out more air than I thought my lungs capable of holding.
His landscapes, now given added breadth by the influence of Rubens, show similar characteristics and exhale an air of enchantment.
Out in the cold air again I take a deep breath, exhale , and blow smoke rings with my winter breath.
Evelyn sighed and folded her arms, exhaling deeply.
I closed my eyes and breathed in; upon exhaling I opened my eyes and smiled.
The handscroll format allows emotions to emanate with each unrolling, like the mists exhaled by the landscape and water.
He attempted to calm himself by inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, and was only partially successful.
They exhaled a poisonous fume that could kill someone if they inhaled too much of it.
He looks into the camera as he exhales , the smoke wafting out of his mouth toward the finches.