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exhalation / выдох, выдыхание, испарение
имя существительное
exhalation, expiration
exhalation, expiration, efflation
evaporation, vaporization, transpiration, volatilization, effluvium, exhalation
имя существительное
the process or action of exhaling.
It maintains the process of inhalation and exhalation as well as sensual acuity.
He sighed: a sound halfway between an exhalation and a growl.
‘Pearin dear, you ought to be enjoying the snow,’ said her mother as she let herself fall onto one of the wooden chairs with a long exhalation of breath.
And just as when you go to the country, you can pause and consciously balance your inhalation and exhalation , which will immediately ease your nervous system.
Smokers sit around and smoke, lend each other their cigarettes, always need an extra few minutes before going out to finish their fag while us non smokers just sit there politely breathing in their fowl exhalation .
The flow rate was fixed to 200 ml/second during inhalation and exhalation .
Slowly begin to deepen your breathing, little by little, so each inhalation grows slightly deeper and each exhalation extends a bit further.
Danny goes offline with a large exhalation of relief.
She gave a long exhalation of breath, it sounded tenuous and concerned.
I silently sighed and with a final exhalation went straight to my work.
Basic mindfulness of the breath is to be aware of the sensations of inhalation and exhalation without fixing, adjusting, improving or changing the breath.