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exertion / напряжение, усилие, проявление
имя существительное
voltage, tension, strain, stress, straining, exertion
effort, stress, pull, exertion, push, struggle
manifestation, display, demonstration, development, exercise, exertion
имя существительное
physical or mental effort.
she was panting with the exertion
the application of a force, influence, or quality.
the exertion of authority
the exertion of authority
With meditation a lot of exertion is necessary, but it cannot be forced.
I become adept in my own sphere of influence and exertion , at peace and without fear.
I rolled my eyes, giving into his exertion of force, and following him down the street back home.
It feels spindly, as if it will break with exertion of more force.
she was panting with the exertion
I could actually feel my entire body just sink along with my mattress, from his exertion of force.
the exertion of authority
she was panting with the exertion
His World Cup exertions have perhaps left him more mentally jaded than straining physically.