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exemplify / служить примером, приводить пример, снимать и заверять копию
служить примером
example, be an example, exemplify, illustrate, instance
приводить пример
снимать и заверять копию
be a typical example of.
rock bands that best exemplify the spirit of the age
Coming up, two people who exemplify the spirit of the American worker.
The people he's working with exemplify a distinct trend in the new population.
Articles in the current issue of BTB exemplify the processes whereby social groups in the Bible have imagined their identities and thereby established functional but limited norms for legitimacy.
Some argue that the current shows really do exemplify black life and culture.
As such, all three exemplify the spirit of romantic rebellion against the modern bourgeois order - a rebellion that is itself fundamentally modern and bourgeois.
Certainly a better, more timely illustration than one from 1873 could have been chosen to exemplify the primacy and precedence of Sloan's subject matter in American visual culture.
rock bands that best exemplify the spirit of the age
The reaction of the players to the loss of these influential players exemplified the team's spirit.
There is also a rich tradition of folk art which is best exemplified by the painted beehives illustrated with folk motifs that are found throughout Slovenia.
The Black Arts movement proposed the participation of artists of all categories in letters, music, and theater in the exemplification of the experience and values of African and African American life.