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exemplary / примерный, иллюстративный, образцовый
имя прилагательное
exemplary, estimated, approximate, model, pattern, pi
illustrative, exemplary, illustratory
exemplary, model, standard, copybook, banner, classic
имя прилагательное
serving as a desirable model; representing the best of its kind.
an award for exemplary community service
(of a punishment) serving as a warning or deterrent.
exemplary sentencing may discourage the ultraviolent minority
Aggravated damages, which are not always readily distinguishable from exemplary damages, may both compensate and have a punitive effect.
The ideal Arab Mother Award presented $10,000 to the most exemplary mother.
‘One way to stop this is for magistrates and the judiciary system to give exemplary sentences to anyone convicted,’ he said.
His work habits and attitudes are acknowledged by his employer as exemplary .
This kind of war all but inevitably produces exemplary punishments of civilians, destruction of homes and reprisals against the families of men fighting the occupation.
Uncle is our inspiration and an exemplary role model to all as he is loyal, loving, caring and a mentor to us.
Within the community she is also a key figure, particularly among local ethnic communities where she is viewed as an exemplary role model.
There may be valuable lessons, cautionary as well as exemplary , to be learned from the developments in the primary and community sectors.
Millwall's supporters stole the show, capping another trouble-free season with their exemplary behaviour before and after the match, and really getting behind the team from beginning to end.
Indeed their job was made considerably easier by the exemplary behaviour of all the young players who travelled and represented both family and club with pride and distinction, as they have done all year.