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exemplar / экземпляр, образец, пример для подражания
имя существительное
copy, specimen, example, exemplar, number
sample, pattern, specimen, model, example, exemplar
пример для подражания
имя существительное
a person or thing serving as a typical example or excellent model.
he became the leading exemplar of conservative philosophy
Mickelson has become the leading exemplar of the new tour style of all-out assault.
The political oblivion that encompassed the end of Billy Hughes' career remains a moral exemplar to any pollie who dares to go there.
the place is an exemplar of multicultural Britain
In being the leader, you are the exemplar - the most outstanding example for your organization.
he became the leading exemplar of conservative philosophy
Yet her role as a social exemplar has not received due attention; for instance, her refusal to marry.
Have we forgotten the moral exemplar set by Christ when he scourged the traders in the temple of Jerusalem?
Londoners have long been exemplars for the rest of us in how to face such danger from bullying cowards unflinchingly and with iron resolve.
Nominations of ideal exemplars were solicited by the instructor before the topic of intelligence was covered in lectures.
Global maritime commercial powers, of which Britain and America are both exemplars , tend to fight two types of war.