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exegesis / толкование, экзегеза, интерпретация
имя существительное
interpretation, exegesis, explanation, reading, exposition, rendition
interpretation, exegesis, light, exegetics
имя существительное
critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture.
the task of biblical exegesis
The main direction of this essay is concerned primarily with exegesis and the history of interpretation.
He stresses that the exegesis offers a critical explanation setting up the interpretative framework for the examiner.
One is a more or less sociological exegesis in the following sense.
If that were the case, then the object of Augustinian exegesis would indeed be to annihilate particular texts.
More biblical exegesis is needed to sustain and to further the position of Vatican II.
I knew that these would form my exegesis , yet still I lacked framing.
Subjects treated include matters of exegesis , systematic theology and church history.
Solemn pronouncements are made on the basis of textual exegesis rather than living experience.
Is theological exegesis ruled reading-community interpretation-all the way down?
One of the courses I investigated includes a fine, thorough analysis of the steps involved in exegesis .