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executioner / палач
имя существительное
executioner, butcher, hangman, torturer, slaughterer, headsman
имя существительное
an official who carries out a sentence of death on a legally condemned person.
It had been difficult to find an executioner to carry out the sentence.
He struggled as a man condemned to death struggles in the hands of the executioner , knowing that he cannot save himself.
The masked executioner slipped the noose around Shadow's neck and slowly adjusted it to fit.
The executioner was beheaded outside the pub by Royalists and had his head placed on a pike outside as a warning to other rebels.
I hate to admit it but I feel almost afraid, as if I'm waiting in a condemned cell for the arrival of an executioner .
Back in the bad old days, didn't condemned criminals sometimes have to pay the executioner 's fee for chopping off their own heads?
The executioner shook the condemned man's hands, removed the steps and the platform dropped back on its hinges.
It would neither distress the condemned person, nor the executioner on the other side as he pulled the trigger.
Led to the scaffold from a death row cell, he was prepped for the noose by a masked executioner .
It had been difficult to find an executioner to carry out the sentence.
The military will act as interrogators, prosecutors, defense counsel, judges, and when death sentences are imposed, as executioners .