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execution / выполнение, исполнение, казнь
имя существительное
implementation, execution, performance, fulfillment, accomplishment, realization
execution, performance, fulfillment, pursuance, rendition, discharge
execution, dispatch, ax, decimation, despatch, axe
имя существительное
the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action.
he was fascinated by the entire operation and its execution
the carrying out of a sentence of death on a condemned person.
the execution of juveniles is prohibited by international law
they were held captive for two days and threatened with execution
Rangers' football over the past season was never Brazilian in style or execution .
However, once the sale occurs the debtor/mortgagor no longer has any interest in the property and any subsequent execution cannot attach to that which the debtor does not own.
Incidentally there are no proven cases of a wrongful legal execution in America since WWII.
Both rely on strong team plans and good execution , and both appeal to my competitive nature.
Rather, the exercise emphasis is on the staff planning process, orders production, reporting, and execution of the plan.
From piece to piece, the style of execution varies, and there seems little connection between them beyond the unusual and attractive medium and the scale.
the execution of juveniles is prohibited by international law
This was a marvellous performance, not only in technical execution , but in the new perspectives it offered.
Centralize planning and decentralize execution of the operation.