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execute / выполнять, исполнять, осуществлять
perform, carry out, fulfill, execute, do, satisfy
perform, execute, fulfill, comply, play, do
realize, implement, exercise, execute, fulfill, effect
carry out or put into effect (a plan, order, or course of action).
the corporation executed a series of financial deals
carry out a sentence of death on (a legally condemned person).
he was convicted of treason and executed
Corruption arises primarily through the manipulations of middlemen and contractors who are used to execute these works.
You've got to give them the big picture, get them to believe in the team philosophy, and then execute the plan to achieve the results, which is winning.
When airborne and safely isolated from other traffic, he'd let me take the stick and execute cautious dives, climbs, and turns.
A dozen men armed with clubs set upon a corporal in the colonial militia when he tried to execute a sentence on a man delinquent in his duty.
Well, in this league, the players can only suggest and we go out and try to execute the game plan from the coaching staff.
In rock art, it is characteristic for the artist to chose to execute the work irrespective of the rock curvature or characteristics.
not only does she execute embroideries, she designs them too
A transactional leader is one who can plan and execute an implementation strategy with precision.
To make the change, you have to forget about where the ball is going and totally focus on learning how to execute the slide step.
Parsons has also demonstrated vision and can effectively communicate and execute strategic plans.