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executant / исполнитель
имя существительное
executor, performer, doer, implementer, executant, exponent
имя прилагательное
observant, executant
имя существительное
a person who carries something into effect.
executants of the publisher's will
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the performance of music or the making of works of art or craft.
music is both an art and an executant skill
The king's repeated affirmations of his dependence upon Buckingham meant that he was blamed for unpopular policies such as the ‘Spanish match’ of which he was merely the executant .
A half-hour of music entirely free of cliché and determined to create its own set of conventions makes things tough on executant and listener.
In the attempt to humanize music, that attempt which almost every executant makes, knowing that he will be judged by his success or failure in it, what is most fatally lost is that sense of mystery which, to music, is atmosphere.
I can best describe this book as a series of masterclasses at which we are, mercifully, not required to put our executant talents under scrutiny.
Still, as executant and chief player on the credits, Scorsese must take the chief responsibility.