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execrate / проклинать, ненавидеть, питать отвращение
curse, damn, execrate, anathematize, accurse, blast
hate, detest, loathe, abhor, abominate, execrate
питать отвращение
abhor, detest, abominate, distaste, execrate, hold in abomination
feel or express great loathing for.
they were execrated as dangerous and corrupt
Unionists would praise the prescience of the men of 1707, Jacobites and nationalists would execrate them, but in itself such a union was probably no more momentous than its architects were moral.
Didn't Trotsky execrate those who claimed to believe there was nothing to choose between democracy and fascism?
Such memoirs are naturally far removed from the poverty-riven atmosphere and harsh realities say of the recently widely acclaimed, and execrated , Angela's Ashes.
Those who disagreed with his theories were execrated and removed from their posts, sometimes with the help of the NKVD.
An exhausted jumble of execrations directed at himself, the hellish place, and everything within it ran through his mind.
Those who murdered tourists in Egypt were widely execrated and not just because they threatened to ruin the tourist industry.
I was about to yell right back with my own execration when I remembered the light in front of me read ‘NO WALKING’ in bright, glowing, orange letters.
I found that I didn't much miss Ireland as such, and in fact in many ways I execrated it.
There, Alexander is to be execrated because he conquered foreign peoples and overthrew an ancient empire.
She execrated , her expression wild and vengeful.