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excursion / экскурсия, экскурс, прогулка
имя существительное
excursion, tour, trip, hike, ramble, treat
excursion, excursus
stroll, tour, ride, promenade, jaunt, excursion
имя существительное
a short journey or trip, especially one engaged in as a leisure activity.
an excursion to Mount Etna
an instance of the movement of something along a path or through an angle.
We were told that this railroad plans to hopefully run some excursions along that other track into Eustis by this summer.
a digression.
Instead of an excursion into the countryside, we took a local walking tour of the city walls, the best preserved in Europe.
a gantry controlled the radial and tangential excursion of each detector
The audience was composed of cineastes, intellectuals and young men and women eager to view an explicit excursion into the sexual realm by an esteemed woman film-maker who had worked with such masters as Fellini.
This was only a short excursion into the forest to report to my brothers.
From there the album takes a short excursion into a more experimental direction that isn't quite as satisfying.
After a short excursion into the field of metallurgy, he studied painting and etching at the Royal Academy in London and later at a private art school in Paris.
Foreboding as this was, though, I decided to put my mind to rest and take a short excursion down the next one of these roads that I found, for humor's sake if nothing else.
The self-referencing vibrating probe oscillated along an excursion of 10 m.
I think about that summer and how rock and roll changed my life. It took me down a different path, a different excursion than I thought I would travel.
As with many first-time visitors to Mexico, the short excursion stirs up more in the author than he can fully comprehend.