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exculpate / оправдывать, реабилитировать, снимать обвинение
justify, warrant, defend, excuse, acquit, exculpate
rehabilitate, exonerate, vindicate, exculpate, retrieve, discharge
снимать обвинение
show or declare that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing.
the article exculpated the mayor
One of the striking features of both the first and second videos is the insistence with which [Child F] seeks to exculpate her, and the fact that she does so upon her own initiative.
Providing an explanation of behavior in terms of understandable epistemological conditions or causes subtly strives to exculpate the agent.
The right we say to be informed of distressing news, news of the death of a loved one, for example, does not exculpate the negligent driver in relation to the secondary consequences of his or her negligence.
Yes, contrary to popular belief, often testing is used to exonerate or exculpate possible suspects rather than implicate.
This seemed to be an easy-to-resolve ambiguity, rather than anything that was going to exculpate anybody.
An indictment is valid even if the grand jurors have no knowledge, in voting to indict, that evidence exists that would exculpate the defendant.
Therefore it should not be possible for the director to exculpate himself by consent of the company.
The Crown had to take that statement as a whole so that the version of facts that it contained at once implicated and tended to exculpate the appellant.
The mother in her evidence tried hard to exculpate the father from any responsibility.
For the CIA to try to pull this off - and to claim that there was nothing in the cables to exculpate my client - was manifestly untrue.