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excruciating / мучительный
имя прилагательное
painful, excruciating, agonizing, torturous, grievous, agonized
имя прилагательное
intensely painful.
excruciating back pain
torment (someone) physically or mentally.
I stand back, excruciated by the possibility
He goes into excruciating detail discussing the treatment for tuberculosis in the 1940s and Orwell's physical agonies.
The excruciating pain and pounding in his head almost drowned out the report of the gunshot.
With Open Hearts, she effectively documents, in minute, excruciating , vivid detail, what happens when a family is torn apart by infidelity.
Anyway, the keynote of Major's speech was excruciating , paper napkin-chewing boredom.
Much of the Budget coverage will continue to examine in excruciating detail the likely difference that the chancellor's measures will mean to different types of families.
One night, he experienced excruciating pain in his abdomen so intense that it radiated to his back.
Maybe I can prevent the excruciating pain and unbearable suffering from others in my generation.
I call it seven of the most excruciating and awkward minutes of my life.
The flashes of light through the window became suddenly painful, excruciating .
She has suffered bouts of total paralysis, is constantly fatigued and is racked by regular spasms of excruciating pain.