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excruciate / мучить, терзать, истязать
torment, torture, excruciate, tantalize, rack, fret
worry, rankle, maul, drag, prey, excruciate
torment (someone) physically or mentally.
I stand back, excruciated by the possibility
So we are invited to relish the very excesses of a Goering, to excruciate in the intellectualizing of a Speer, and to be appalled by the evidence (eyewitness, documentary, and candid-camera) presented.
For him, cruelty was a legitimate and necessary procedure, almost a profession of faith, and European artists showed him how to excruciate a tame local reality.
As we are about to leave, Michel presents us with a small packet of madeleines, the Proustian cake symbolic of the sweet excruciations of the past.
Nothing, except the lingering echo in his mind of the last thing he had heard; of that excruciated scream of someone on the ship, burning to death.
The excruciation in my stomach was beyond any other pain I'd received in my life, yet the feeling of relief that it was me, not Joanna, who was experiencing this cancelled it out.
He puffs and winces, excruciated with chest pains - which recur horribly in joyless mid-coitus with his other woman.
If being in the plane was bad then the jump was excruciated .
Though it was a numb, lack-of-all sensation that laid claim to his body, it was far more merciful than the excruciation of the previous weeks.
Those who care about Plath know all this already; those who don't will only trade in their indifference for excruciation .