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excrete / выделять, извергать
emit, distinguish, give out, secrete, set off, excrete
erupt, regurgitate, spout, disgorge, throw up, excrete
(of a living organism or cell) separate and expel as waste (a substance, especially a product of metabolism).
excess bicarbonate is excreted by the kidney
Excessive amounts of alcohol decrease the kidneys' ability to excrete uric acid.
To digest foods, fungi excrete enzymes into the environment to break down complex carbon compounds.
The most common cause is a failure of the kidneys to excrete uric acid fast enough.
When someone is diabetic, they excrete sugar in their urine.
Conditions such as severe renal disease may impair the kidney's ability to excrete potassium.
Then these bacteria excrete organic material to the clam and the clam can use that organic material as a food source.
Renal failure occurs as the kidneys fail to excrete the excess potassium.
Although most athletes who drink more fluid than they lose as sweat simply excrete the excess fluid as urine, in some people it is retained.
The kidneys filter and process the blood and excrete the waste products as urine.
The storage of waste materials is a very important function of the vacuole, since plants cannot excrete their wastes the way animals do.