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excreta / выделения, испражнения
имя существительное
excreta, excrement, rheum
feces, faeces, excrement, excreta, dejecta
имя существительное
waste matter discharged from the body, especially feces and urine.
The River itself is not a river as such but a flowing stream of the filth of humanity - dead bodies, excreta , garbage, waste products from your factories and other such facilities.
Adequate sources of potable water and sanitation (collection, disposal, and treatment of excreta and other liquid and solid wastes) must be equally accessible for all camp residents.
Human excreta - urine and feces - can be treated one of two ways, either aerobically (with oxygen) or anaerobically (without oxygen).
I noticed that much of nurses' time is spent on urine and excreta that get to the sheets.
It is not clear whether the hantavirus IgM positive individuals were from urban or rural settings and whether they had contact with rodents/rodent excreta .
The patient had known exposure to mouse excreta , and because hemorrhagic pneumonia had developed, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome was suspected.
SNV is transmitted to humans predominantly by inhalation of aerosolized viral particles from rodent excreta or saliva.
Hospital transmission occurs through inadequate infection control measures. Strict isolation of cases and procedures for handling body fluids and excreta must be maintained.
You get it by eating food contaminated with the excreta of people who are either infected themselves or who carry the germs.
Scientists say one of the most significant causes of the decline of seagrasses and oxygen is both treated and untreated human excreta and animal waste.
Black water is contaminated with human excreta and discharges.