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excoriate / ссадить, устраивать разнос, подвергать суровой критике
put off, excoriate, graze, gall, help down from
устраивать разнос
подвергать суровой критике
excoriate, batter, riddle, criticize
censure or criticize severely.
the papers that had been excoriating him were now lauding him
damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin).
People with this condition have a rash, pruritis, and excoriated crythematous skin in body folds, axillae, and groin.
Rarely, patients excoriate their skin in response to delusional ideation; in such cases, the appropriate diagnosis would be psychosis.
Should we publicly excoriate him, or even mildly condemn him and call for an apology on these ‘slippery slope’ grounds?
He would then wait outside the front door to excoriate the opponents, even the poor guy loading the kit hampers on to the team bus.
Depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder are the psychiatric diagnoses most commonly associated with patients who have neurotic excoriations .
He is a fellow who made no charitable donations for years on end, while excoriating other Americans for being ‘hard-hearted’ and ‘greedy.’
Not for the first time, he excoriated his team: ‘That was poor, very poor.’
Critics excoriating him for other aspects of his film show an equal lack of sensitivity to the challenges that come with highly structured storytelling.
She was excoriated and shunned, even within her own party.
Most people inherently recognise what they call bright or fresh red bleeding, and tend to attribute that to a local cause such as a haemorrhoid or an anal fissure, or even just some excoriated itchy skin.
Orwell could hit hard and strike deep - recall only his excoriation of the Stalinists who went to ‘help’ in the Spanish Civil War.