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excommunicate / отлученный от церкви, отлученный, отверженный
имя прилагательное
отлученный от церкви
excommunicated, excommunicate
outcast, reprobate, castaway, cast-off, outlaw, excommunicate
отлучить от церкви
out, excommunicate
имя существительное
отлучение от церкви
excommunication, excommunicate, anathema, curse, excision
exile, outcast, outlaw, expatriate, castoff, excommunicate
officially exclude (someone) from participation in the sacraments and services of the Christian Church.
He left for France and then Germany, where he was excommunicated by the Lutheran Church, and returned to Italy in the mistaken belief that it would be safe to do so.
имя прилагательное
all violators were to be pronounced excommunicate
имя существительное
an excommunicated person.
The Constitutions of Clarendon expressly forbade any oath about future conduct being required from an excommunicate .
The suspension of Roger from office and the restoration of the excommunicate status of Gilbert Foliot and Jocelin of Salisbury would derail that plan.
Why is a frightened young woman who procures an abortion excommunicate while a politician who encourages her by telling her it is her right to do so, and works to secure her liberty to do so, welcomed at the altar?
The Constitutions of Clarendon expressly forbade any oath about future conduct being required from an excommunicate .
In 1310 the excommunicate Bruce secured the support of the Scottish clergy.
Any that fought against him would be automatically excommunicate .
One reason I'm grateful for bishops is that, if it were left up to laypeople, there would be nobody in the whole length and breadth of the Catholic communion who was not excommunicate .
These articles are the best reflection of his evolving attitude toward the church between his final submission in 1904 and his excommunication in 1908.
No canonical or civil penalties, much less automatic excommunication , are attached to its violation.
In 1457, after years of broken promises to return the cloth to the canons of Lirey and later to compensate them for its loss, Margaret was excommunicated .
A Puritan New England congregation even excommunicated a man who neglected the sexual aspect of his relationship with his wife!