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exclusively / исключительно, только, всецело
exclusively, exceptionally, exclusive, only, solely, entirely
only, alone, but, merely, solely, exclusively
entirely, wholly, completely, all, altogether, exclusively
to the exclusion of others; only; solely.
paints produced exclusively for independent retailers
I can exclusively reveal that Gail shares a birthday with Rod Stewart
A lifeline is Long Tall Sally, the first retailer to provide clothes exclusively for tall women.
Relying exclusively then on that particular line of form could be an unreliable yardstick.
It would be even better if the park was designed exclusively for recreational purposes.
The views expressed - of course - are exclusively my own and have nothing to do with my employer.
Confining himself exclusively to postwar moderns would net him only a handful of converts.
This might suggest that church meetings then were less exclusively female than they are in Britain today!
This led them to come up with a yearly festival exclusively for women, and it turned out to be a woman's day out!
We decided to stick exclusively to the specials menu, and chose three starters.
These are exclusively pedestrian streets where their movement is not curtailed.