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exclusive / эксклюзивный, исключительный, особый
имя прилагательное
exceptional, exclusive, only, sole, extraordinary, singular
special, particular, specific, distinct, exclusive, distinctive
exclusively, exceptionally, exclusive, only, solely, entirely
не считая
apart from, exclusive
имя прилагательное
excluding or not admitting other things.
my exclusive focus is on San Antonio issues
restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned.
the couple had exclusive possession of the condo
catering or available to only a few, select people; high class and expensive.
an exclusive Georgetown neighborhood
not including; excepting.
prices are exclusive of tax and delivery
имя существительное
an item or story published or broadcast by only one source.
The three media outlets that have broadcast or published exclusives about torture at Abu Ghraib - CBS, the New Yorker and the Washington Post - are, of course, not revealing their sources.
The quantum of the difference between the respective parties' positions is $759,000, exclusive of interest.
It's really limited edition, because they really want to make sure that it's a really exclusive product, and only for their high-end clients.
Their language was unique and exclusive to their sole tribe.
This was after they had wined and dined me: cruises around Manhattan, outings at exclusive country clubs, and many trips to expensive city restaurants.
The response options were not mutually exclusive , so an individual rated each one on a scale ranging from never to very often.
After the tape was made, a copy would be sent to them with a threat to expose them in an exclusive story by Amanda for her old station.
To help gain entry into new outlets, toymakers are developing more exclusive products and packaging.
The entire group travelled business class and stayed in some of China's most expensive and exclusive hotels, including the five star Shanghai Okura Garden and Beijing Palace.
Therefore, though we distinguish between the many causes of suffering, we do not see those categories as existing in mutually exclusive settings.
However, these priorities are not the exclusive focus of Australia's foreign and trade policy.