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exclusion / исключение, элиминация
имя существительное
exclusion, exception, elimination, expulsion, reserve
elimination, exclusion
имя существительное
the process or state of excluding or being excluded.
drug users are subject to exclusion from the military
Their detention, removal and exclusion from the territory are inconsistent with any or all of those words.
Rastafarians were subjected to disdain, harassment and exclusion in Jamaica.
The Defendants also relied on the very wide exclusion of liability under clause 16.9.
Unable to see the areas themselves, all you have to go on is the circles of exclusion , the difficulties in movement.
Both sides of this issue reflect the social and geographical exclusion of black people in a discriminatory society.
Caste was not the basis for any exclusion of participation in the political process.
drug users are subject to exclusion from the military
The result is lower growth and exclusion for young workers trying to get jobs, get credit, or start their own businesses.
Reality TV rules and it's supposed to be fun, but in the end all it's about is exclusion and rejection.
He said sanctions which could feature in such a charter would range from detention to permanent exclusion .