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excluding / исключая
excluding, except, excepting, saving, save and except, bar
имя прилагательное
excluding, excepting
exclusively, exceptionally, exclusive, only, solely, excluding
not taking someone or something into account; apart from; except.
you have eight more days, excluding Sundays
deny (someone) access to or bar (someone) from a place, group, or privilege.
women had been excluded from many scientific societies
The Government has a $7.4 billion operating surplus and a $6.6 billion operating balance, excluding revaluations and accounting charges.
It's been a while (I can't remember seeing anything like that since primary school, excluding the show I saw for my 21st), so I'm excited.
The central question of the survey asked if a person, over the last 12 months, read any part of any novel, short story, poem, or play - excluding material required for work or school.
In the most recent year for which accounts are available, all taxes generated in Scotland, excluding the UK revenues from North Sea oil, amounted to £34.03 billion.
you have eight more days, excluding Sundays
I was quite pleased with myself: I managed to trim a ten-paragraph letter down to nine words, excluding salutation.
I've been selective, yes, excluding accounts of unpleasant events and happenings.
He changed it to what is called the ‘operating balance excluding revaluations and account changes’.
Intel said the Asian market excluding Japan accounted for the largest part of the company's sales for the first time.
Well, a short flight down to London excluding the two hour delay in taking off.