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exclude / исключать, не допускать, устранять
exclude, rule out, eliminate, delete, expel, foreclose
не допускать
prevent, exclude, deny, keep out, debar, shut out
eliminate, remove, obviate, preclude, exclude, make away
deny (someone) access to or bar (someone) from a place, group, or privilege.
women had been excluded from many scientific societies
Hence, we include this treatment to further highlight features that tend to narrow discussion and prematurely exclude working hypotheses from consideration.
apply flux to exclude oxygen
one cannot exclude the possibility of a fall in house prices
clauses seeking to exclude liability for loss or damage
There aren't that many ways of making a fire go out - you can put water on it to cool it down, or you can use some other gas to exclude the oxygen.
clauses seeking to exclude liability for loss or damage
Yet some complain that despite government funding and a well-intentioned bureaucracy, co-ops are free to exclude any resident they consider undesirable.
To exclude religious schools from these programs, as some liberals propose, would not be neutral - it would be a form of active discrimination against religion.
The secretary may decide to exclude schools not adhering to the deadline.
apply flux to exclude oxygen