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exciting / захватывающий, возбуждающий, волнующий
имя прилагательное
exciting, spectacular, breathtaking, thrilling, engrossing, enthralling
exciting, excitatory, aphrodisiac, stimulant, energizing, stimulative
exciting, worrying, thrilling, moving, stirring, disturbing
имя прилагательное
causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.
an exciting breakthrough
cause strong feelings of enthusiasm and eagerness in (someone).
flying still excites me
bring out or give rise to (a feeling or reaction).
the ability to excite interest in others
produce a state of increased energy or activity in (a physical or biological system).
the energy of an electron is sufficient to excite the atom
They are not deficit driven, and they are finding the opportunities most exciting .
Because it keeps my life exciting and challenging.
So it's exciting to hear an outside reporter asking these questions.
Dark and his colleagues ignored what I think are exciting contemporary castings.
The fourth race which was over the standard trip resulted in an exciting finish.
Suddenly, as well as being incredibly scary, it all seems rather exciting .
Camp was coming up soon and she now could not wait for the exciting adventure.
we have exciting opportunities to offer
The fast-paced and unexpected nature of some of the work kept the evening exciting .
Her name might have remained obscure if not for an exciting discovery in 1994.