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excitation / возбуждение
имя существительное
excitation, excitement, agitation, stimulation, field, incitement
имя существительное
the application of energy to a particle, object, or physical system, in particular.
Pyrethroids attack the nervous system of insects, provoking excitation , paralysis and death.
the action or state of exciting or being excited; excitement.
a state of sexual excitation
Simplified model fitting of the experimental data enabled to evaluate the spectroscopic parameters characterizing excitation and photoionization processes.
This contraction arises from excitation of the circular layer of smooth muscle by autonomic nerves.
Only when a man engages in too close an association with young males who are either the object of sexual excitation or could easily lead to it do questions like these prove important in retrospect.
Males have a lower threshold for sexual excitation , tend to perceive people and relationships in a more sexualized manner, and are more likely to interpret a variety of stimuli as signals of sexual intent.
Events that stimulate muscle activity by raising sarcoplasmic calcium begin with neural excitation at neuromuscular junctions.
In the Rydberg system, instead of shrinking the lattice constant to make the atoms overlap, you can simply increase the size of the atom by increasing its excitation .
a state of sexual excitation
Fluorescence excitation and emission spectra at room temperature and at 77 K are presented.
As predicted by Hebbian rules of learning, the firing of a neuron, resulting from the combined excitation of all synaptic input to the cell, is the necessary event for consolidating memory.
However, it is difficult to directly compare these results with our study because different cell lines, excitation wavelengths, and power levels were used.