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excitable / возбудимый, легковозбудимый, азартный
имя прилагательное
excitable, nervous
excitable, inflammable, combustible, nervy, high-strung
venturesome, excitable, venturous, hot-tempered
имя прилагательное
responding rather too readily to something new or stimulating; too easily excited.
Chip could be a bit wayward and excitable
So far, models for electrically excitable cells only could predict enhancement of calcium load during release.
He drank round the clock, became tense, excitable and uninterested in what he himself had created.
The most easily excitable ones immediately interpreted his comments to mean that he thought women were dumb.
Voltage-gated channels are essential proteins for the functioning of excitable tissues.
Where else but my established favorite place of relaxation, where my ever excitable brain can, and often does, fall peacefully asleep in mid-debate.
Once the heat of the day has passed and the sun starts to set, a steady trickle of excitable youngsters drag their parents and grandparents to the banks of the river.
First, lots of excitable tissues have narrow calcium channels and multiple connections.
‘There is an overly excitable mood amongst the political classes, and the game is far from clear yet,’ says one senior government source.
However, the sodium channel inactivation gates are open in the hyperpolarized virtual anode region, causing the tissue to be excitable .
The easily excitable man with the curly hair has decided to join myself and Jared in this little experiment and has already posted his first song.