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exchequer / казначейство, казна, финансы
имя существительное
exchequer, treasure house, chest
coffers, treasury, exchequer, purse, chest, coffer
finance, finances, exchequer
имя существительное
a royal or national treasury.
The most important post in judging the character of the government is its finance minister and chancellor of the exchequer .
Thus, the direct burden on the public exchequer in creating infrastructure assets could further increase.
Is the trade-off of high-status acquisitions against parental childcare an issue that needs redressing with exchequer funds?
Just as the finance available to the exchequer varies every year, the priorities on which it ought to be spent change dramatically over time.
The money for the two aircraft will come from central exchequer funds.
That, we respectfully submit, relates directly to a depredation upon the exchequer of the Commonwealth.
However, the Government remains unaware of the cost to the exchequer of an additional 33 tax schemes.
Last Tuesday, the government published its first quarter exchequer returns.
In response the government need only point to the huge gain that has accrued to the exchequer from lowering corporation and capital taxes.
After all, it is the private sector that generates exchequer funding for the public system in the first place.
This was prompted by Fianna Fail's withholding of land annuities to the British exchequer .