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excess / избыток, превышение, излишек
имя существительное
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, overabundance
excess, command
over, surplus, excess, overage, superfluity, superabundance
имя прилагательное
excess, extra, redundant, unnecessary, spare, odd
excess, surplus, exuberant, over, overabundant, excrescent
additional, more, further, complementary, extra, excess
увольнять по сокращению штатов
имя прилагательное
exceeding a prescribed or desirable amount.
trim any excess fat off the meat
имя существительное
an amount of something that is more than necessary, permitted, or desirable.
are you suffering from an excess of stress in your life?
lack of moderation in an activity, especially eating or drinking.
bouts of alcoholic excess
the action of exceeding a permitted limit.
there is no issue as to excess of jurisdiction
More content with his place in life, the male North African Muslim only went mad through an excess of religious fervor or the influence of hashish.
Total number of policies issued stand at more than 5.5 lakh and total sum assured is in the excess of Rs 13,000 crore, it said.
Your reporter goes on to state that I have been ordered by a court now not to engage in politics - an almost unimaginable excess of jurisdiction.
But this is perhaps the inevitable result of a paucity of content trapped within an excess of style.
They had a surplus of raw power and an excess of drive.
Potato prices have fallen recently, due mainly to an excess of old crop appearing on the market.
The operating ratio condensed the year-end result into a single figure: the average excess of operating expenses over operating revenues per day.
My own hospitality paled in comparison with the stories that circulated in medical circles, but my sense of entitlement rationalised this greed and excess as harmless and acceptable.
I don't think that what is threatening France is an excess of the free market.
Minors are clearly not allowed and no excess drinking please!