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excerpt / отрывок, выдержка, выписка
имя существительное
passage, excerpt, fragment, snippet, place, sketch
excerpt, exposure, extract, delay, aging, stamina
discharge, excerpt, extraction, writing out, ordering, copying
делать выдержки
extract, excerpt
подбирать цитаты
choose, select, pick, opt, elect, excerpt
имя существительное
a short extract from a film, broadcast, or piece of music or writing.
The soundtrack section plays short excerpts of the music, which should get a lot of credit for establishing the mood of the film.
take (a short extract) from a text.
the notes are excerpted from his forthcoming biography
The piece features an excerpt from All Moonshine, a captivating, expressive work exploring metamorphosis that Yoshioka brought to Montreal in 2000.
I'll excerpt the book first before trying to explain myself.
When we excerpt full chapters, we often put the book's color jacket online to help increase readers' interest.
During this resting period participants listened to quiet music; then, the film excerpt was presented.
Here's an excerpt from the piece and here's a news story that summarizes a little of what he said.
The first scene is ‘imagination, guesswork, contrivance’; the second is an accurate excerpt from her writing.
This is an excerpt from a piece that originally appeared in Philadelphia City Paper.
The author excerpts Amazon user reviews of well-known books and offers a few biting comments.
The good people at National Review Online have excerpted a chapter from Steven's book, dealing with the insurgents.
First, my favourite academic Mark Kaplan has added another blog to his roster, this one a Critical Dictionary excerpting informative texts to explain apparently difficult concepts in continental philosophy.