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exception / исключение, особая ситуация, возражение
имя существительное
exclusion, exception, elimination, expulsion, reserve
особая ситуация
objection, rejoinder, retort, answer, exception, protestation
имя существительное
a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule.
the drives between towns are a delight, and the journey to Graz is no exception
The young girl featured in your article is the exception to the rule and I admire her for it.
the administrator made an exception in the Colonel's case and waived the normal visiting hours
Mr Gray believes the road should be treated as an exception to the rules because it is terraced.
An exception to this general rule is formed by a cheque which bears on its front the letter R.
Luckily there is always an exception to every rule and this one is no different.
he always plays top tunes, and tonight was no exception
An exception puts a rule to test, it does not and cannot prove it in any way.
Those sort of mechanical problems are the exception rather than the rule nowadays.
A capable display by the man in the middle is now the exception rather than the rule.
while he normally shies away from introducing resolutions, he made an exception in this case