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excepting / за исключением, исключая
за исключением
except, except for, with the exception of, to the exclusion of, excepting, save
excluding, except, excepting, saving, save and except, bar
имя прилагательное
excluding, excepting
except for; apart from.
excepting some of the dialogue, the book is in every way superior to the movie
specify as not included in a category or group; exclude.
he excepted from his criticism a handful of distinguished writers
excepting a scratched door, the car was in good condition
The university also offered him a full tuition waiver, excepting only a 1,500 yuan book fee.
Plus they're recording at a tricked-out Nashville studio with an expert producer, and the overall sound of the album is hardly lo-fi, excepting a few of the drum machine beats and organ sounds.
I missed seeing the largest parade of self-deluded individuals ever assembled, excepting the scene inside the Career Placement Office of a university Philosophy department.
excepting some of the dialogue, the book is in every way superior to the movie
Dreadful recent records against every opponent in the Six Nations Championship, including Italy and excepting Wales in Cardiff, is a sad but accurate reflection of the fact that we are just not very good at this game.
Jonah, the prophet of the Lord, had not had a decent meal in days, excepting some sea scallops that he had eaten in the Japanese style while inside the fish, and he was hoping to have some Chinese food, or perhaps a curry, anything but seafood.
Strangely enough, this was another immediate, reflexive consensus, excepting Mr. Summers' brief but embarrassing romp off of the intellectual plantation.
However, it appears you (and anyone else, excepting Japanese and South Korean citizens) may now get the chance to visit the last remaining worker's paradise.
As the most exclusive and expensive island in the Caribbean (possibly excepting Mustique) you would expect it to take its cuisine seriously.