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excelsior / мягкая древесная стружка, мягкая упаковочная стружка
имя существительное
мягкая древесная стружка
мягкая упаковочная стружка
имя существительное
used in the names of hotels, newspapers, and other products to indicate superior quality.
they stayed at the Excelsior
For instance, my dream is to wrap myself as a birthday present, pack myself in excelsior and ship myself to Greenland - collect!
It is the excelsior from the tea set that Kenneth mails to Rhoda that she sets afire to murder Leroy.
The roots are rolled tightly, like a cigarette, in excelsior and plastic to keep the roots moist until planting time.
After drying, cut off any remaining foliage and pack the bulbs in a few layers of clean vermiculite, peat moss or excelsior .
Then I demonstrate with some materials in front of the class, capturing their attention by telling them, ‘There's a little puppy in this excelsior .’
Using a ‘throw-away’ product - excelsior - kids can create their own three-dimensional ‘furry friends.’
Toys stuffed with styrene foam, foam beads or excelsior must Not be washed.
Van Persie, whose father, a sculptor, raised him as a single parent, had behavioural problems at school and clashed with coaches at his first club, Excelsior .
To complement the awards, an Excelsior Conference will take place on Wednesday November 12, in the Burlington Hotel.
Right in the middle of the city, the Excelsior is where many students wait for buses.