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excellence / превосходство, мастерство, высокое качество
имя существительное
superiority, excellence, supremacy, advantage, dominance, preponderance
skill, craftsmanship, mastery, workmanship, excellence, mastership
высокое качество
quality, excellence, fineness, high-grade
имя существительное
the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
the award for excellence in engineering
Veteran artiste, Sheela, has bagged the special jury award for excellence in acting.
Such a move would further strengthen York's rising role as a centre of horseracing excellence .
Both schools earned deserved reputations as centres of educational excellence .
As partial academics they are unable to sponsor, promote or foster academic excellence .
Centres of excellence for food and drink manufacturers could be set up in Yorkshire as part of a new national academy.
It is envisaged as a fully accessible cultural building and a centre for excellence in innovation.
awards for excellence
The old spoils system was replaced by professionalism and academic excellence .
a centre of academic excellence
Are there real rewards for excellence in academic areas other than research, for instance?