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exceedingly / чрезвычайно, очень, крайне
extremely, highly, exceedingly, enormously, particularly, immensely
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, exceedingly
extremely, utterly, exceedingly, sorely, enormously, vastly
the team played exceedingly well
to a great extent.
the supply multiplied exceedingly
It is true that in esoteric matters, it is exceedingly difficult to decide which side is right.
But, no, not only is it exceedingly quiet in operation it's also an awful lot faster than the defunct Epson.
The film is too grim, but not too serious; it is exceedingly violent, but we fail to see the point of bearing witness to it.
It's just exceedingly difficult to beat good teams when you spot them eight runs.
the team played exceedingly well
There may be exceptions to both statements, but the exceptions are exceedingly rare.
Both teams looked exceedingly sharp even after the two and a half week Christmas break.
He has been a living classic for so long that it is exceedingly difficult to pay him the kind of tribute he truly deserves.
The two are said to have had an exceedingly blunt exchange at last weekend's Victorian ALP conference.
The wheels of justice, we often hear, grind exceedingly slow but fine.