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exceed / превышать, превосходить, быть больше
exceed, surpass, go beyond, outreach, top, transcend
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, outdo
быть больше
be greater in number or size than (a quantity, number, or other measurable thing).
production costs have exceeded $60,000
It is within the Prime Minister's powers to exceed the speed limit, if she is on urgent public business.
Walton expects economic growth to exceed the MPC's base case, due to buoyant exports and investment.
On the other hand, operating expenses will in no way be allowed to exceed the barest minimum requirement.
The only person who can make a decision to exceed the speed limit is the person in control of the vehicle.
Why are you allowed to exceed water allocation limits if you can simply afford to pay the surcharge?
For this reason, drivers are allowed to exceed the speed limit on such calls.
The total costs of this matter (so far) must exceed this figure by some margin.
If beetle counts exceed an average of six beetles per trap per day, this is equal to the treatment threshold.
They exceed the range limits imposed on Iraqi weapons by the 1991 ceasefire agreement.
The way to get coal for heating is to exceed the production quota.