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excavate / копать, выкапывать, рыть
dig, delve, excavate, peck, shovel, scoop
dig, scoop, dig out, excavate, scrape out, scrape
dig, excavate, sink, delve, shovel, mole
make (a hole or channel) by digging.
the cheapest way of doing this was to excavate a long trench
remove earth carefully and systematically from (an area) in order to find buried remains.
The team have also been excavating areas of the site that could not be saved from the sea and, in the course of their excavations, came across three burials lying next to the Priory church.
Lynn will receive training so she can excavate sites, remove fossils and artifacts, and carefully map the finds.
Geoff Arnott, 26, and Adam Wright, 32, are seeking permission to excavate the remains of the 50-tonne plane which has been found on private land near Easingwold.
Cane rats also are good diggers and excavate shallow burrows as shelters.
Wheel loaders offer the best bet for contractors who need to excavate rock, minerals, and soil or to load and carry materials.
We excavate a hole, put our tent inside it, and start winter camping for a few days.
The toad doesn't really need us to make him a home, both the spadefoot and Colorado river toad can excavate burrows almost three feet deep.
These are people working with hoses and shorthandled shovels and picks, and then they excavate all of that burning material and they just keep moving around the perimeter.
They're used in tight spaces to excavate water, sewer, and gas lines; to install septic tanks; and to handle landscaping and loading tasks, among other uses.
They excavate burrows in soil or use natural rock crevices, or they may use old burrows.
They've also had problems with Intergen (the firm that wants to excavate underground gas caverns near Aldbrough).