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exasperating / раздражающий, изводящий
имя прилагательное
annoying, irritating, exasperating, irritative, vexing, grating
имя прилагательное
intensely irritating; infuriating.
they suffered a number of exasperating setbacks
irritate intensely; infuriate.
this futile process exasperates prison officials
Nancy could sometimes be the most exasperating of creatures.
The determination to never speak ill can be exasperating for a reporter.
The most profound meditation only leads to an exasperating sense of impotence.
Education, then, becomes an exasperating game of constant catchup.
The film is at its most exasperating in detailing the tragic story of Eduardo "El Chino" Hernandez.
Singh's affairs with his putter, in all its guises, have been exasperating .
Instead of thinking he is insane, she thinks he is exasperating .
Personally, I find the meta conspiracy approach a bit exasperating .
Together, they build up a vivid picture of cricket's most exasperating sons.
I find certain aspects of my other half to be exasperating .