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exasperate / раздражать, сердить, изводить
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, rile
incense, anger, disgruntle, irritate, displease, exasperate
harass, torment, badger, nag, harry, exasperate
irritate intensely; infuriate.
this futile process exasperates prison officials
In contrast to his vigour and emotional buoyancy later in seeing off the so-called fuel blockade, this dark episode was equally to infuriate, exhaust and exasperate the First Minister.
She loved her sister dearly and always would, but sometimes Staicie had the infuriating knack of being able to effortlessly exasperate a saint.
He turned to me and shook his head exasperatedly .
His Blair-type zeal took rotation, rotation, rotation to the most exasperating degree.
It occurred to me that to focus on something like this for as long as I have is all so incredibly, exasperatingly single-minded.
Considering he and Stimac put 16 hours a day into the place, his exasperation is justified.
I have exasperatedly succumbed to the practice of babying resistant young voters in the past.
Shaking his head, Tanmer said exasperatedly , ‘Don't you people ever do anything normal?’
Who do you know in your life who is a source of pain, annoyance or exasperation ?
Privately, court officials admit they are becoming increasingly exasperated by the very system they serve.