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example / пример, образец, экземпляр
имя существительное
example, instance, sample, illustration, pattern, lead
sample, pattern, specimen, model, example, piece
copy, specimen, example, exemplar, number
служить примером
example, be an example, exemplify, illustrate, instance
имя существительное
a thing characteristic of its kind or illustrating a general rule.
it's a good example of how European action can produce results
a person or thing regarded in terms of their fitness to be imitated or the likelihood of their being imitated.
it is vitally important that parents should set an example
be illustrated or exemplified.
the extent of Allied naval support is exampled by the navigational specialists provided
see example below
He said that this was an example of a general immunity for acts done in the course of litigation.
You are your child's best teacher, so set an example through your own behaviour.
The seniors must set an example to the juniors by their conduct on and off the field.
she followed her brother's example and deserted her family
He then took a serious tone and spoke of the need for leading officials to set an example .
he followed his brother's example and deserted his family
Other writers stressed the need for a samurai to set an example to the lower orders of society by his conduct.
The most key people in setting an example to the next generation are parents and guardians.
it's a good example of how European action can produce results