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examiner / эксперт, экзаменатор, ревизор
имя существительное
expert, examiner, judge, assessor, adept, craftsmaster
examiner, examinator, adjudicator, moderator, examinant
auditor, inspector, examiner, controller, comptroller, visitor
имя существительное
a person whose job is to inspect something; an inspector.
a police vehicle examiner
a person who administers and grades examinations to test people's knowledge or proficiency.
You need to justify your approach - don't assume the examiners share your views.
a police vehicle examiner
To assess encoding, the examiner asked the child to describe what happened in the story.
An autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday, according to the city medical examiner .
Hip flexion strength is best tested with the patient in a sitting position, lifting against the examiner 's hand.
a police vehicle examiner
He said he had not been informed of the medical examiner 's homicide determination.
A written response to the report is sent to the external examiner within three months of receipt.
Wood's attorney has said the medical examiner is required to consider all new evidence.
A latent fingerprint examiner must then review the list for a final determination.
Alaskan officials took the remains to Anchorage for inspection by the state medical examiner .