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examine / исследовать, рассматривать, проверять
explore, investigate, examine, study, research, probe
consider, view, regard, examine, review, see
check, verify, check out, test, examine, review
inspect (someone or something) in detail to determine their nature or condition; investigate thoroughly.
a doctor examined me and said I might need a caesarean
test the knowledge or proficiency of (someone) by requiring them to answer questions or perform tasks.
the colleges set standards by examining candidates
this forced us to examine every facet of our business
this forced us to examine every facet of our business
One therefore turns to examine whether the Claimant can pray in aid any words added by amendment to the Convention.
Fire investigators will examine the building thoroughly to determine how the fire started.
However, he said that he would make a report, and that an inspector would examine the area.
The doctor can examine the size and texture of the lump and determine whether the lump moves easily.
Yes, must look and thoroughly examine the present state of cuticles.
They say that there should be an independent prison inspector to examine the situation.
Another approach is to examine the area thoroughly, with the benefit of informative and informed opinion.
The Petitioner's solicitor did request an adjournment to examine the Respondent.