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examination / экспертиза, экзамен, исследование
имя существительное
expertise, examination, inspection
exam, examination, quiz, mug
study, research, investigation, survey, examination, exploration
inspection, examination, survey, visit, checkup, view
check, verification, test, examination, review, control
имя существительное
a detailed inspection or investigation.
an examination of marketing behavior
a formal test of a person's knowledge or proficiency in a particular subject or skill.
he scraped through the examinations at the end of his first year
the formal questioning of a witness in court.
At the Inquest examination of witnesses will bring out more evidence and detail.
the role of the planning system has come under increasing critical examination
There followed a prolonged sensation in court, which interrupted the examination of the witness.
She said she could not wait for the November examination because the test paper would be based on a new syllabus.
It was found on fire around two hours later at Coalpit Lane, Denaby, and has since been recovered by police for forensic examination .
It is evidence that is a result of an examination occurring after trial.
At the Inquest examination of witnesses will bring out more evidence and detail.
The defendant brought a motion to compel the attendance of the plaintiff at an examination for discovery.
Almost all the universities in the State have a calendar for the conduct of examination .
MacCullagh entered for the highly competitive fellowship examination , conducted orally in Latin.
For example, the trial system demands examination and cross-examination of witnesses.