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exam / экзамен
имя существительное
exam, examination, quiz, mug
имя существительное
a medical test of a specified kind.
routine eye exams
A young Native American woman went to a doctor for her first ever physical exam .
Not too impressed with the quality of medical care base on the physical exam visit.
She wouldn't wait for blood work or a chest film, so I conducted a quick exam in a noisy cubicle.
Some pupils weren't as smart as others so they failed an exam and were held back to repeat the same year.
exam paper
exam results
This is what she had written on that questionnaire ages ago after her medical exam .
We are aware he was ill during the exam period and he actually believed he had failed the exam .
The next year he again failed the exam and, according to some historians, had a nervous breakdown.
Optos's Optomap retinal exam gives an optometrist a wide angled view of a patient's retina.