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exaggerate / преувеличивать, утрировать, муссировать
exaggerate, magnify, overstate, overdraw, stretch, amplify
exaggerate, overdo, overact
represent (something) as being larger, greater, better, or worse than it really is.
they were apt to exaggerate any aches and pains
he has a tendency to exaggerate his role
she was apt to exaggerate any aches and pains
they were apt to exaggerate any aches and pains
The notorious exaggerator , in fact, put down just about everyone who was not German blue blood or to the manor born.
We in the West have done far more than the Russians to publicise the fact that our children embody all of our exaggerated fears today.
her plump thighs, exaggerated hips, and minuscule waist
As soon as he walked in all cameras focused on him and his hero pals made an exaggerated show of affection towards him.
I read to them every night in great detail and in exaggerated voices.
Experts say it's an exaggerated figure and don't want to even visualise such a situation.
Once upon a time, the reference check offered reliable protection against serial exaggerators and smooth talkers.