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exacting / взыскательный, требовательный, придирчивый
имя прилагательное
demanding, exacting, exigent, strict
demanding, exacting, exigent, strict, severe, difficult
picky, captious, nagging, cantankerous, fault-finding, exacting
имя прилагательное
making great demands on one's skill, attention, or other resources.
living up to such exacting standards
demand and obtain (something, especially a payment) from someone.
tributes exacted from the Slavic peoples
Injuries may hurt but the pain of not being able to reach his own exacting standards would be harder to deal with.
While the wizards were most certainly using spells to scour the mountainsides for spies or scouts, it would take a magus of exacting skill to locate her.
With an exacting attention to detail, Kees combines reality derived from photographs, memory and studies from life with creative imagery to convey his vision.
The only question is whether our politicians - who are after all human - can measure up to these exacting standards demanded by the Scottish parliament - I'm sure I couldn't.
Applying his exacting , respectful attention to the everyday speech of the people as well as the notable speech of poets, philosophers, and presidents, he allows each to elevate the other.
A consummate professional and master decorator, he has never presented work that does not meet his own exacting standards of design, even if it means outshining everybody else's masquerade.
Sorry I couldn't use all your emails, but very few of them measured up to our exacting quality standards.
Under the proposed bill, they will be subject to less exacting standards in order to test new technologies, train crew, or fly working vehicles in the process of gaining a full license for paying customers.
However, even grunge reveals an exacting attention to detail.
An appeal is an expensive step in the judicial process and one that makes an exacting claim on judicial resources.