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exact / взыскать, взыскивать, вымогать
exact, surcharge
exact, surcharge
squeeze, pinch, exact, wring, fleece, prey
настоятельно требовать
covet, aspire, aim, exact, seek after, seek for
имя прилагательное
accurate, exact, precise, just, precision, strict
strict, stringent, rigorous, severe, stern, exact
orderly, careful, neat, tidy, trim, exact
совершенно верный
совершенно правильный
имя прилагательное
not approximated in any way; precise.
the exact details were still being worked out
demand and obtain (something, especially a payment) from someone.
tributes exacted from the Slavic peoples
We are endeavouring to establish the exact details of what has happened.
The word ‘copy’ implies an exact replica in size and detail.
His mind conjured the most amazing, most subtle and cruel plan to exact his revenge.
I have since purchased exact , working replicas of Jerry and Knuck, which sit around my house and do a great job of scaring my maid every single time she walks into the room.
How drugs react in a horse's system is not an exact science.
It is an exact replica of the fountain in Versailles, just twice as large, and with those measurements it is one of the largest free-standing fountains in the world.
The team's remit has also been to establish the exact chronology of events and actions taken following the confirmation of the case on April 21.
Dr Freeman found that the main facade was relatively intact, although a flank wall needed to be rebuilt, some surviving bricks being chemically analysed to enable exact replicas to be made.
Share price valuation is not an exact science and is subject to assumptions that take into account many different parameters.
Recent advances in our understanding of Palaeozoic tectonics, and in the precise dating of tectonic events require exact definitions of terminology.